Exhibitor Resources

Exhibitor Resources for the Auction

This page is the one-stop-shop for registering and submitting auction information. This year’s process will be more streamlined and easy to use.

NOTE: If you are having technical difficulties with registering or updating your information, please contact us at auction@tippe4hfair.org

Online Entry Portal

The Online Entry Portal is open! Registration is due by 11:59 pm on Tuesday, July 25, 2023.

  • Exhibitor Registration (Closed)

Step-by-Step Instructions

In order to register as a new buyer for the Tippecanoe County Livestock Auction access the Tippecanoe County Fair Website auction page via the link https://tippe4hfair.org/auction/exhibitors/ and select Exhibitor Registration. This will bring you to the auction homepage that looks like the image below:

From here select the Sign In Button in the upper right hand corner to access the login/registration pages as seen below:

From the I am a… drop down select Exhibitor to access the page below.

Choose the correct option below the login box. (Please note you will have to register for an account the first time you go to enter this year.)

Fill out the required fields and click continue. You will be asked to verify your information then select continue.

Next you will choose the department from the drop down menu seen below.

The next step is to select a division. If you are in a species that does not have a pool then you will only have the choice of Auction. Regardless of the Division you choose you will fill out the following information

Once you have filled out this screen you select add entry to cart and you can then either choose a department to enter another animal if needed for pool animals(remember only 1 auction animal) of you can select continue.

Selecting Continue takes you to your cart where you can see all entries. Once you have confirmed your entries select Check Out. You will need to agree to the terms by typing Yes in the box and hitting Submit.

Once you click submit you will see the screen below. For auction animals you need to select Upload file at the bottom of the window and upload a picture of you and your animal to be displayed for the online add ons and during the auction

Choose a photo and press Upload, making sure that the upload is 100% complete before pressing Done.